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There are four catholic parishes in Jarrow. St Bede's, which is the mother church of the parishes, consecrated in 1861 and which nowadays serves the town centre and its northern environs as far as Hebburn. St. Matthew's, founded in 1935, which serves the south of the town. St. Mary's, opened in 1952, which serves the eastern flank of the town where it borders on Tyne Dock and South Shields. St. Joseph's, which began in 1962, which serves the west of the town.

In an initiative begun in the autumn of 2002, the parishes formally clustered together, so that by working closely, the priests and parish sister support each other in a coordinated ministry serving the whole town, while the parishioners of the four churches, each still proudly individual parishes, strengthen their common bonds as a family of parishes. We work together in such a way, with common policies and approaches and dove-tailed Mass times, that as the availability of priests declines, the parishes are still able to thrive.

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